Mt2.6 and MT-Blacklist

An error occurred: Storable binary image v2.6 more recent than I am (v2.4) at blib/lib/ (autosplit into blib/lib/auto/Storable/ line 355, at lib/MT/ line 28

That popped up when I moved over to dreamhost. It looks to me like like a versioning problem with perl. I guess I should check the versions of the modules but I don’t know how.

Any help on either part would be great, thanks.

Thanks, That’s a good KB link to have.

Elsewhere I got this responce though.

“It’s a Perl problem. Somehow, your sysadmins upgraded the perl library but not the perl executable. Or, more likely, you are using the old executable and the library it uses has been updated in the new build proces”

I’m using /usr/bin/perl for the record.

did you copy your files straight over from you old host? Or did you do a re-install. If you copied straight over, that might be your problem. When MT does it’s install it writes files and does set up for your specific server enviroment.


MT or MT-Blacklist?

Becasue MT works fine, I changed to configuration files to match the new server (and the configs for the weblogs) rebuilt everything and all was peachy.

This looks like a versioning problem with the install or an upgrade of perl. Unless there’s a temp file that MT-Blacklist wrote on the other server (I don’t know where it would be) and can’t read with the current version of perl or the Storable module. That’s my theory anyway.

And just to check I went over the install instructions for MT and couldn’t find anything writing files other then the first build (wouldn’t be a rebuild would it) for the default blog.

i had this problem earlier today and tried to write up a decent fix for it.