MT v3.2 broken after Debian update

Anyone having problems with Premature End of Script Header errors after their server is upgraded to Sarge? I can’t access any of my cgi executables now without getting a 500 error, and the only things that show up in the logs are Premature End errors.

There’s been a couple posts about various problems with MT after the sarge upgrade. Check your permissions again and make sure they 're set according to the install instructions.


Yup, all the permissions are set fine. All of the MT posts I can find relating to sarge reference Berkeley DB issues, I’m running on MySQL. Looks like there was one other person having the same issue I am, but they got no response either. :confused:

Ok, I did a reinstall on another domain and just used the same DB, and it worked fine. Guess there’s some path issue I’m missing.

hmmm, having the same issue, although I still am running berkeley, will try a reinstall. also where are the posts referencing the berkeley issues? search did not reveal any.

Starts here: Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=1week&Main=31531