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MT also has the same issues that WP & Drupal have that keep /stats from being viewable. I tried the 2 solutions on the wiki:

and both made the stats viewable but the rest of the site not viewable (500 internal server error). In the error log one error was RewriteCond: bad flag delimiters and the other was Container for directives based on existance of specified modules. (I can reproduce and share which implementation produced which error if that’s useful).

This is not my area of tweaking expertise, does anyone have this working for MT? Are there any tweak suggestions to the solutions for WP or Drupal?

many thanks in advance,


I have the same exact problem with Drupal, any solutions?


I have a number of Movable Type sites on DreamHost. No problems viewing the stats (related to MT).

My .htaccess for the Movable Type sites is pretty generic. Nothing about MT: just trying to block some of the more annoying bots and scrapers.


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