MT problem after switching hosts

I switched to DreamHost with an MT blog already in place on my site. Since the switch, the blog doesn’t work. I found instructions here on what to do after switching hosts: changed hosts, and now i can’t log in to movable type.

But I don’t understand them. I didn’t install MT to begin with–a friend did it for me but now he doesn’t have time to fix it due to a family crisis. I’m guessing I could figure it out if someone pointed me in the right direction. Do I have “shell access” to my DreamHost account, and if so, where? Can anyone guide me through this?

Yes, I believe all DH plans come with shell access. And you may find this article from the kbase useful:

I cannot offer any help with your specific problem as I am no Movabletype guru. I have installed the system on my account here once and a breeze it was; however my luck soon ran out when I reached the stage of customisating the templates to fit in with my rather complex site design. My experiment proved more trouble than its worth, so I have now reverted back to the classic way of doing things (i.e. the manual way).

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You might want to read through the installation instructions I wrote for installing MT on a DreamHost server.

I especially recommend reading the section at the end titled “Configure Your Weblog”. Compare the values there with the ones you have to see if there is something obviously out of whack.

I also switched a (pretty customized) MT weblog from one host to another. After thinking about it, I decided it would probably be easiest to just do a fresh installation of Movabletype at the new domain, copy my customized templates over the defaults, copy my customized stylesheet over the default, check my other misc little tweeks and then import the data from the old blog to the new one.

Some might argue that this was a convoluted way of doing it but, it took almost no time, made me review what I’d done previously, and worked perfectly the first time.

Importing blog data is pretty easy, but read the instructions in the MT manual first. You need to create an import directory and you need to export the data from your current blog. IE doesn’t export properly, so use mozilla or netscape.