MT Permissions Error in

Hello, I have been running Movable Type on my site,, for nearly a year and have never had any problems. Until today.

When I attempt to post to my site, or even rebuild my site, I receive the following error:

mkdir /home/.caftheater: Permission denied at lib/MT/FileMgr/ line 104

Obviously this is pretty shocking and devastating, and I know for certain I have not made any changes to my site since yesterday when I was last able to post successfully. I have no idea why this module would even be trying to make a directory in the home directory.

Has dreamhost changed server configs?

Is this a temporary problem?

Is there something I can do? I am proficient with Perl so I can modify things as necessary, I am just not sure where the problem lies.

Thank you for any help or attention.

It’s obvious to me that something is wrong because all of the cgi scripts in my installation work except for one MT-XMLRPC.CGI. I get an invalid method. They’ve obviously done something.

It’s my guess that the sarge upgrade has recently been finished on your server, and that for some strange reason permissions got changed for your folders.

MT is making folders for all sorts of things like Monthly archives, category archives, etc.

First off, is your version of MT up to date? if not you might as well do an upgrade and make sure all of your permissions are set properly. If it’s allready up to date pull up the install instructios and CHMOD the directores and files again as they say and see if that fixes it.

Please bear in mind this is just a guess, and the sarge upgrade didn’t effect my MT installs.