MT install just died



Worked fine a few hours ago. I was able to post using my MT 3.2 instalation. Tried again an hour ago, and I just get an hourglass and a “Waiting for” and my hostname.

I logged out of MT, and now I get same error when trying to log in. I enter username and password, and press okay. Get a waiting for hostname message that never goes away.

Comments work fine. I am able to log into my phpmysql and browse., so I don’t think the Database is down.


Sounds to me like issues with your server rather than a problem with MT. Has it possibly fixed it self already? If you heavn’t made any changes between when it did work, and when it stoped then I’d contact support.

Since this is a new install you could always walk through a new install and see if that fixes it, but It doesn’t seem like it would.