MT failure today

I installed MovableType 2.661 in late February, and it’s been running perfectly ever since…until today.

The three blogs on the site still display exactly as they should. You can pull up individual entries and all of the archive links work.

What doesn’t work is any attempt to add, edit, or comment on, a blog entry. The main login page also fails to recognize all valid usernames and passwords. yields this error:

[color=#CC0000]Can’t call method “name” on an undefined value at /home/thinkum/ line 200.[/color]

For reference, lines 198-203 of the file are:

[color=#0000CC] if ($blog_id) { my $blog = MT::Blog->load($blog_id); $param->{blog_name} = $blog->name; $param->{blog_id} = $blog->id; $param->{blog_url} = $blog->site_url; }[/color]Attempting to add a comment to any existing entry yields this error:

[color=#CC0000]An error occurred:
Invalid entry ID ‘85’[/color]

I’m running MT in the CGI mode, not MySQL. When I run mt-check.cgi, it confirms that all expected modules, etc., are still in place. I have not made any configuration changes since the last time the blog functioned properly.

I’ve looked through the forums here, as well as at MT’s site, without finding any explanation for this state of affairs. Anyone have any bright ideas? I know DH was scheduled to upgrade their PHP installation today, but that shouldn’t have had any impact on MT, should it?

It’s written in Perl, not PHP. Shouldn’t be affected by PHP issues.

I’m a bit confused, you said its running in “CGI mode, not MySQL”? Are you trying to say you are not using an MySQL database?

It sounds like its looking for something in a file and not finding it. Perhaps the database file was corrupted.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML CSS

I thought as much, I just couldn’t think of what else might have changed in the hosting environment in the past 24 hours…

Sorry, yes – using the Berkeley DB default, rather than MySQL. (Been a long day, and my brain isn’t functioning efficiently at this point.)

sigh That’s what I was hoping you wouldn’t say. Guess it’s time to see what I can rescue, extract, or otherwise salvage, and then do a clean install using the MySQL option.

Thanks for the input, tho!