MT and Berkelely DB

I have a database for Movable Type in Berkeley, and I moved hosts. I believe there to be a difference in version of the Berkelely DB which would explan why MT can no longer access the DB.

According to support documentation with MT I need to use 1 of 3 or 4 things:
db_upgrade (or the newer command db3_upgrade)

this database is actually hosted on a virtual host server dreamhost. com but I have shell access. when running the scripts on the *.db and *.idx files in the DB_DIR I get these errors

when I use db_dump I get this
"db_dump: author.db: unsupported btree version number 8"
and when I use db_dump185 I get this
"db_dump185: author.db: Invalid argument"

db3_upgrade seems to function, as in I get no errors, but I also don’t get any text or anything, just another prompt, and it doesn’t fix my problems. Any sigguestions on what I might do?

What does “file author.db” say?

well, I can’t actualy open the files on my computer but it basically lists information about the users and what they are allowed to do with in the system. That is just one of the several files in the DB_DIR

I’m follwing the instructions on this page: changed hosts, and now i can’t log in to movable type.


No - I mean what happens if you type:

file author.db
from the command line (rather than, say, dump_db author.db)

author.db: Berkeley DB (Btree, version 8, native byte-order)

I got a reply from the suport team here and they siad
"Seems there is a problem with your authors table/db"
does that mean anything to someone here?