MT -- Access Logs and one of MT's plug ins

I’ve gone ahead and tried to set up “MT-Most Visited” plug in on my site and I’m afraid the results aren’t very encouraging and I need to talk to other dreamhosters about this because the latest error message on this install has to do with access logs.

Now, the MT-Most Visited script (read about it here and download it at the link provided on their forum: ) required the Apache::Parselog perl module – I had Dreamhost install that. Now I’m getting an error message on my MT test journal when I try to reload my test journal with this script:

I’m wondering if I am pointing to the right place (/logs/ ) to access the access logs or what to run this plug in… ?

It’s a sweet little plug in - it’s just a mess to try to install it.

Well it means the file was not found. I think you have the filename wrong. On DreamHost the filename is access.log

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Still getting the same errors after I changed access_log to access.log…

The access logs are in your user directory, so the full path should look something like /home/yourusername/logs/

Also, make sure to use the http symlink and not the http.NNNNN directory it points to - the http symlink should stay constant where the other might change occasionally.

Skybly and Will –

That did it :smiley: I had tried a variation of what you told me before but I had included a another director that shows up on my MT menu when I configure the thing (sticking “.kafka” in front of my user name as is the case on my listed site path on MT). That had screwed me up royally on this.

but things are finally working with this plugin. thanks for the help