MSSQL on Python

I need a MSSQL module for Python. I know of several projects, like pymssql, which can be implemented, but my attempts on dreamhost servers have been futile. I’m unable to build/install the module because it requires FreeTDS, which dreamhost doesn’t have.

Anyone here been able to get on MSSQL with python?
Any ideas?

But DH does not support MSSQL :frowning:

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I did a quick search on FreeTDS and see that it’s a library that lets some systems talk to a MSSQL or Sybase server, or even convert the data, according to

Since the OP only said they needed the library for Python, I’d hoped they looked at the other requirements and already discovered that MSSQL isn’t available here, and maybe knew something we didn’t…like they don’t need MSSQL, or already have it somewhere else.


Thank you for stating the obvious, patrickdan.

sdayman, I don’t think you need a MSSQL client on the linux box. FreeTDS should be all that’s needed to access the SQL server. See the documentation at the Pymssql website.

Anyhelp peeps? My windows host LunarPages is very unreliable at running my script. It’s quite irritating.