MSSQL extenstion

I’am able to add extension and it works fine via the phprc file, is there a extension for mssql? like im useing php 5.3. I need to be able to remote to other mssql databases. I’am trying to use sqlsrv_connect(). Any help would be great, been googleing for hours now. thanks in advance.

There is a mssql extension for PHP, but, unlike pgsql, we don’t have a copy available for PHP 5.3, as it requires the FreeTDS library which isn’t otherwise installed on the system. You will need to compile and install that library yourself.

The sqlsrv extension you’re trying to use depends on some components of SQL Server, which is only available on Windows servers. It won’t work here.

Thanks for your reply i have seen some tutorials on how to do that just wasn’t sure if dreamhost already had something set up. If you wouldn’t mind will these directions work


Those instructions won’t work without modification on a DreamHost shared server, as they attempt to install software system-wide.

There have been a couple of previous threads on this forum discussing how to install the extension, but none of the ones I’ve seen have looked particularly successful. Unfortunately, as I’m not really familiar with Microsoft’s SQL Server, I’m not really sure what might be going wrong, nor do I have any way to test the install procedure myself.

Looks like its up to me then :slight_smile: at least i have a direction to go in now, thanks for all your help, if i figure it out ill have to post the solution