MSSQL + Dreamhost?


I`m working in a new project where i need to connect to a remote mssql server but dreamhost php config dont have mssql support… I read the wiki about setup a custom php5 installation but to compile mssql support i need the freetds lib and as far i know dreamhost dont have it… If anyone had success in configuring mssql in dreamhost plz help me.

Sorry about my bad english.

Are you looking for instructions how to install it, or are you looking for someone to install it for you?

I’d be happy to write up an install script (based on the wiki’s script for it) to include those libraries for you.

Let me know :slight_smile:

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I only need to know how to compile the php(i cant find the freetds in dreamhost box).


Are we able to install MSSQL in DH? I thought DH only supports MySQL.

If we are talking about connecting to MYSQL remotely, this helps

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Dh uses linux is impossible to install mssql… What i want do is to make my system(what are running in dh host) connect in a remote mssql server… But dh php5 dont have the mssql extension…

Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I thought it would be better than to make another asking the same question that has been answered 5 times already.

[quote]Mousee: Are you still up for doing this, I require MSSQL urgently, I am willing to include a small money token as thanks for it ( assuming it works :wink: ) if you wish.


Thanks, unique.

Well, at the moment I can’t get it to work with Kasparov’s MSSQL Server. The actual extension installs just fine, but getting it to work, at least with Kasparov’s MSSQL server, appears to not be happening any time soon.

I’m more than happy to install the extension (plus custom PHP5 install which is required) and set it all up for you, but I can’t guarantee it would work or not. It works with my local setup of MSSQL, just not on his thus far.

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

Yeah, I had the same problem on my last host (who installed it for me at request).

I believe it was an issue with the MSSQL server itself, and it’s TCP/IP connections, then there are permissions on top of that.

If you could do that, I would be grateful, I’ll work on it with my MSSQL servers and see if I can work something out with it.

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Edit: Shoot me a PM or EMail with what you need, Thanks again.

*Kasparavo, did u have your web configured correctly for connection to your mssql server? if yes pls pm me :stuck_out_tongue:
*Mousee you still got the phpinstall script with function mssql/freetds enabled, pls pm, sorry for bumping old thread :stuck_out_tongue:

How to enable mssql_connect in dream host,I am trying to connect to sql server which is running in a remote connection.I am getting error Fatal error: Call to undefined function mssql_connect();