Msql Beginner questions

Hi, I have several domains and each has a WordPress database. I can see a lit of them here

It looks like they are all on: barfolomew:shayna" MySQL Server

I can get into all of them via phpMyAdmin but only through one of the domains with a database - if I try others it does not recognise what I thought was my password.

It seems strange as in the breadcrumbs on the top it says:

Server: - Database: xyz_blog (which is on another domain.)

There is also an option:

“Merge all databases and hostnames on barfolomew:shayna to chapulin:hobbie”

Why does it have that?


I’m trying to orientate myself around all this as I prepare to install drupal.


Walter Logeman

I’ll start with the easy stuff:
“Merge all databases” stems from when old databases were set up on the next available server. When that one filled up, they opened up a new one. Now, all of your databases will be created on the one new server. This Merge will put them all on the same server, and any other DBs you create, as well.

It could be that something got scrambled, regarding which domain is one which database. I recommend submitting a ticket to Support to have them track this down. Ideally, you would go with the Merge option to get this all cleaned up. Ask them to double check your setup and then merge them all onto the same server. It won’t be one giant database; just the same individual ones but residing on the same server.


Thanks Scott, I’ve sent the request to support.


Walter Logeman

I still have what I consider strange behaviour, but have sent an email to support.

But a question for this forum: I am watching various screencasts of phpmyadmin and they go into an area called privileges.

phpmyadmin that comes up in DreamHost does not have that. ? Don’t I need that?


Walter Logeman

I don’t think DH gives you rights to change privileges. Most of the time, that is a job for mysql root users.

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You can edit your DB user privileges from the DreamHost panel under Goodies -> MySQL Databases. If you click on an existing user, you can see what privs they have.