MSN Jabber transport

The MSN Jabber transport has been down for weeks now… at least on vidar. Any news on this being fixed? Surely it should be monitored?


Assuming jabber server is handled “box to box” I’ll add to the list needing a fix to the MSN transport.

I just added my sister to jabber, but my mom and nephew don’t want to learn jabber.



cc to support.

As far as I know we’ve not yet supported the MSN transport (I believe in testing it was flaky).


Damn - because I have been using it a lot over the past few months. I know someone is looking at rewriting it, so maybe you can add it back again at some stage. Do you know what was wrong exactly?


I wrote support about this (twice now) and got this response:

I spoke w/ one of our senior admin guys and he was under the impression
that it never worked. I apologize for the problems, they’re still looking
into it. We’re not quite sure what the issue is. I apologize for this. If
you need anything else, please let us know.

Argh! I was using the MSN transport faithfully for weeks with no problems.

Just fyi – a lot of people I know (including me) haven’t been able to mantain a connection w/ MSN Mess even using MSN’s client over the last few weeks so it may have nothing to do with Dreamhost…

Yeah, I heard about that too, but now I’m using the MSN client again with no problems. Still can’t use the transport.

I had been using the MSN Transport for months fine. Although I think the story was when it was first installed that it had a memoryleak and they had set it to restart every 24 hours or so to free up resources.

Pitty it’s not going, as Microsoft are one of the only companies that don’t actively try to disconnect 3rd party software from their network.


Well, it’s back. At least on vidar. Thanks to whoever fixed it…umm…whoever you are…