MS Publisher and One-Click Installs



A little help, please. And thanks in advance.

  1. I use MS Publisher 2003 to make my web pages. I have pretty basic pages at

  2. I have installed a couple of One-Click Installs that work fine.

  3. I click form my web page into the one-click that I installed and it goes there.

  4. How can I embed (if that is what I have to do) or integrate the one-click program into my web page so that all my formats remain the same and people can surf from one page to another without it looking like they go into a separate installation? Please visit my page so you can see what I am talking about when you click in the “fotografias” link. I want it to look like part of the web site with the red ribbon on the side and the menus in place, not like a separate entity.

After I know how to do this, I want to include the calendar and other One-Click Installations.

Thank you.


I hate to say this because I hate using Frames, but you could setup your main page to use Frames, keep your menu on the left column frame, then for each hyperlink set it to open in the other frame.

So stuff ain’t working, whatcha gonna do…?


Oh, no! There has to be a better way. It is a good idea, but I don’t even know how to use frames. Back in the late 90’s when they were popularized I made a couple of pages that way, and they were more pain than they were worth. Thanks for the response, though. It is something to think about. Let’s see if someone else suggests soemthing else.


Decide on your overall template (use CSS) then make templates for your one-click installs that mimic the original. Calling the same style sheet and graphics that all the other pages use will reuse content from the users cache rather than redownloading duplicate items from each ‘site’.

A quick note: I had to use IE7 just to view your site.