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We used FrontPage for several years using FrontPage Extensions. That’s been unplugged by DH. I’m told that Expression Web is the new MS offering and that it is backward compatible (for my purposes) with FrontPage, so I hope to be able to use it on DH. But I can’t find anything about it other than in a somewhat indirect reference to it in how to set up webDAV. Will Expression Web work on DH if I do what the DH instructions for setting up webDAV says?


I don’t know what WebDAV has to do with your question.

I hope you realize that the deal with “extensions” is that they are computer programs that run on the web server. Instead of calling them “extensions” Expression Web uses ASP.NET technology. DreamHost doesn’t support ASP.NET or Mono.

WebDAV is not related to the “extensions” issue. It is a method for sharing files online.

If your web site is interactive, such as processing form pages to access a database or send email messages or other actions that depend on a web server program, you will also need to develop for an alternative to ASP.NET, such as PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python etc.

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Thanks! If I understand the implications of what you’ve said, I need to forget about using Expression Web to maintain my web site if I’m going to continue on DH, right? If that’s correct, what is your suggestion about a reliable, simple tool for creating and maintaining web pages that were initially created with FrontPage? We’ll likely replace our entire site in the next few months using better tools, but I need something cheap and simple in the meantime.


I don’t know know anything about your web site, so can’t answer that question. I thought you would know enough about your web site yourself, and gave you some information to make an informed decision. But it sounds like you need to consult with a web developer that is familiar with both your web site and Expression Web to get an answer to your question.

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Our websites are FrontPage 2003 built. They work fine on DreamHost. There are certain “bots” that do not often work on some of the web hosts on the internet, and many of them have discontinued support for the FontPage extensions. Thinks like hit counter, form reply, etc, etc.

As FronPage gets older a lot of the extension are simply not supported anymore. However, I do belive that the new program Expressions Web 2 by MS will work fine with DreamHost.
Have you contacted DH to ask if they have any issues with it?

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I got a repy back from DH support and they say Expression Web is fine there. Should work with no problems.

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