Mplayer and Mencoder Assistance

Hello DH Community,

I have tried, unsuccessfully, for hours and hours to install FFMpeg, Mplayer and Mencoder, and MP4box for two Video Hosting scripts (PHPmotion/Clip-Bucket) that I’m trying to migrate from another host (cirtexHosting) to no avail.

It appears to install, but the script installation script for PHPmotion does not find/validate that Mencoder is installed. For Clip-Bucket, no MP4box can be found.

In addition to the DH wiki, I’ve located four other resources that I tried and tried again and again, but don’t know enough about Linux/SSH to ensure that 1) I’ve done it correctly, 2) used the right versions.

I’m on a shared server, but if it requires a dedicated or VPS, I’ve no problem allocating that, I just need to know what to do, and why what I’ve done didn’t work. Scratch that, I don’t need to know - I just need the damned thing to work!!

Hate to ask, but anybody who 1) knows how to do it, 2) or has done it for themselves, if you would be so kind as so save me from myself. After almost 14 hours of attempting this, I am about ready to put a bullet to my head!!!

Thanks in advance!