MP3 Backup

I want to use Dreamhost to back up all of my personal files from my home PC. However, some of these files are mp3’s (legal ones). As long as I put them in a folder outside of my web directories, is it alright for my to store them on my server space?

HybridLogic : DIGi27

This is fine as long as you’re not distributing copyrighted material that you don’t own or have permission to.

For example, someone with copyrighted music in FTP-only space that gave out their FTP user/pass to other people would be violating our ToS.

General archiving, or uploading so that you can transport to work/school/whatever is fine, though.

Yeah, I’ll be the only one who will access it. Thanks, just wasn’t sure. I don’t want to upload 6 gig of music only to find out I wasted my time.

HybridLogic : DIGi27

I use WebDAV, but you can just as easily use FTP to a directory that’s not in your domain folder.