Mp3 audio links not working

I am stumped, but I admit I am rather new at this.

I have created a rss.xml file and created my enclosures to refer to a folder I have labeled mp3.

In order to put my page into an html format, I am generating the coding from feed2js and feedburner. My feedburner account says the links are working correctly.

When I place the generated code into my webpage and view it, the audio files are not working.

When I ask feedburner this question. Here is one of the answers I get.

[color=#FF0000]"Nine times out of ten, when you use FeedBurner to create a podcast and we don’t create podcasts for your audio links, it is because the server where you host your audio is not correctly responding to HEAD requests with the right file type. For example, the server might say that .mp3 files are “text/plain” or “text/html” instead of “audio/mpeg”. This is a server configuration issue and your web server administrator needs to make this change. "[/color]

I don’t really understand that answer, but I thought somebody could help me to get my enclosures to work.