Mozilla Weave Server


I am interested in creating a Mozilla Weave server on my domain, and have seen many tutorials on the internet with a few mentions of it being possible using DreamHost. However, a lot of the tutorials seem to be for those who have root access to a VPS or Dedicated Server.

Can anyone provide me with a set of instructions as to how to create a Weave server?


This tutorial doesn’t make it seem like you need root access:


After a little bit of coaxing, the system seemed to work.

I have suggested that DreamHost implements some kind of One-Click install, where the user simply chooses the directory/domain plus a username and password and it is set up (server side).


Hello all,

I wrote that article and you don’t need any special privileges. Just set up WebDAV on a directory on one of your domains, wait for the confirmation email and you are ready to go!
A ‘one click’ installation would be great for new users.

Here’s how I did it: