Mozilla Calendar + WebDAV publishing


I searched all through the forum, found out that WebDAV directories have permissions set on them so that you can read, but just can’t write.

So how can I go about publishing my calendar through Mozilla Calendar if I can’t write to the .ics file in the WebDAV directory?

I would really appreciate a newbie guide to help me do this. This is one of the reasons I switched to Dreamhost, WebDAV, my previous host didn’t offer it in my plan.


The WebDAV directories are set up so a WebDAV client can write to it, and read from it. Your normal user account will not be able to access it normally, though.

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Well Mozilla Calendar can read from it just fine, just can’t write to it. Unless I’m missing a setting somewhere? or that calendar isn’t really a true WebDAV client?


Did you set that folder up specifically as a WebDAV folder? You can’t just use WebDAV on any folder without first configuring it.

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Well it works now, only because I tried every possible combo to make it work.

The problem? 2 problems actually.

  1. I was using instead of to point to my calendar file within Mozilla. Anybody know why a straight forward wouldn’t work? It isn’t cloaked or anything. Even tried the allow linking from domain in the WebDAV settings.

  2. I copied my calendar file into the calendar folder then enabled WebDAV on that folder. Apparantly that only allows read access to the file, you can’t write to that file using Mozilla (even if I mess with permissions before enabling WebDAV on that folder). So I emptied the folder, enabled WebDAV on that folder, then published the file into that folder. Write works on it now.

Anybody know how to fix #1? I’d rather use my own domain than Thanks.


If you’re using WebDAV, the address shouldn’t even work. You should be using something like for publishing and retrieving.

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