Moving Yahoo Group to Wordpress

I know this may sound very outdated and uniformed, but I am trying to set up a WP site to work like a Yahoo Group. I have read a couple of threads here and elsewhere but I can’t seem to get good, up-to-date information on doing this. I need to setup the mailing list so that it works like Yahoo’s but through the WP GUI. Members need to be able to signup to the list through WP. I need the posts to be sent out as emails as well as RSS and the members need to be able to respond to the emails and have them go to the original posting member rather than to the group.

I’ve read some information on doing this, but they all seem outdated to like 2009 or before and with WO updating so much I just wanted to be sure that I Was getting up-to-date information.

Did you ever find a way to replace yahoo groups with wordpress/buddypress/bbpress?