Moving wp files

I have a subdomain on different host and now have those files on my computer. I have a new site on DreamHost and used 1click to install WP. If I FTP those files, there will be doubles of the WP files on the site. How do I get those files (of a completed WP site) to this domain on Dreamhost?

If you upload wp files to a directory that already has it, what was there with the same filenames will be overwritten. Better to delete the one-click from the control panel first before uploading anything if you are set on doing that. The most important thing is your mysql database. You can either drop the database tables you have and import the other database or you can create a new database and just import the data. In that instance you would edit your configuration files to point to the new database you created vs the one made during the one-click install.

Thank you for the reply!

So if I delete the one-click and upload my wp files, wp will be installed? That isn’t necessarily the way I want to do it. I just want to get the site build that I have onto my dreamhost site. Is this the best way? I also am pretty confused about how to deal with the database. I sort of understand what you are suggesting but not sure on the execution.

Well now I have managed to break my site!! I deleted the one-click of wp and uploaded my wp files. I configure the config.php file but not sure I handled the mysql properly. When I click to Visit my site, it just opens up explorer to download, what I do not know but I get an untitled page on the browser.


If it’s openeing up to download, that certainly isn’t right.

Do you have a .htaccess file, perhaps? Also were you using any caching plugins on the old site? Sometimes they get stupid that way.

What I ended up doing is using Backup buddy but I am still having a problem getting my site to appear. All the files are installed, I can log in to the site but when I go to view it, it just opens to a blank white page. I deleted and recreated the htaccess file and no caching plugins.

what about the mysql database? did you actually move it from your old site? the mysql database has all of your data. you can log in to phpmyadmin on your old host and export the database (should be .sql file). once you do that, then you can follow my previous instructions about either creating a new database and updating your config file or just dropping all of the tables and importing the sql file.

I have updated the database. Actually, I just realized that it is the Home page that is blank. When I go to view a page, I can navigate around my site but just not the home page.

This issue has now been resolved. Apparently the “default.html” which is blank, was loading before the index.php file. It was renamed and now the index.php file loads first and so I have my home page again.

Thank you so much for your help in this.