Moving Wordpress to It's Own File

My domain currently goes straight to my Wordpress site. It is fully hosted on Dreamhost, and I used the Wordpress 1-click Install to put Wordpress on my website.

I’ve uploaded Prestashop to my ftp under the folder /shop. However, I’d like to have Prestashop be the page that comes up when you navigate to the main domain, and I would like my Wordpress site to be linked to /blog.

Where do I need to move the Prestashop files?

Then, where do I need to move the Wordpress files?
And what do I need to change under my Wordpress dashboard’s General Settings to make it all work properly?

Nevermind. I found a tutorial that looks promising.

Since you have WordPress installed in /blog you can do this easily (in so far as WP goes).

The index.php file in your main html folder redirects to, so if you remove that, it will stop redirecting.

PrestaShop doesn’t appear to let you run it out of it’s own folder, so you’d either want to change the index.php to redirect there, like you had been to blog, or move it to that folder.