Moving wordpress to a new domain, using same DB?

Hello. I’d like some advice regarding moving my Wordpress blog to a new domain.

Brief History:::

  • I created a Wordpress blog using the one-click install a while ago.
  • Things are going great with the blog, so now I’ve registered a specific, fully hosted, domain just for it.
  • I need to migrate my blog to its new home.


Should I create a new database? Or can I use the existing one?

Should I use the one-click install for the new domain, then customize that?

I’ve encountered problems trying to reproduce the database (exporting it from one, importing it to another) using the phpMyAdmin via the web panel. Problems include permission errors and issues where “that db name already exists” - I’m sick of messing with this and need to know if I can use the existing db with the new wordpress installation.

Ideally I’d like to do the following:

  • Use the one-click install for the new domain
  • Use the existing database
  • Overwrite the new one-click installed html and configuration files, with the files from the existing site.

But I’m not sure if any of this will work.

I realize there is lots of advice and HOWTOs out there for this type of move, but I can’t find anything specific for doing the process via DreamHost’s web panel.

Thanks for any advice.


I don’t see a reason why you need to create new database. Unless you want it to be managed under a new database user.

This might be a tricky way to solve your problem.

If I were you, I would host the new domain under the same user. If you do so, you should see two domain directories under the user. For example: /home/youruser/ and /home/youruser/

Simple way to switch projects with command mv /home/youruser/ /home/youruser/

I don’t play blog. But I belive you need to adjust the configuration files since the path to the project is changed.

Create a free subdomain and try this with the subdomain first.

Hope this will save you some time. Good luck!

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You can use the existing one if you set it up yourself (Advanced One-Click).

That’s what I’d do. Advanced One-Click Install then change the config file to use the already prepped database. You’ll need to edit a couple of URLs in Settings > General in the WP Admin Panel either once connected or manually beforehand using the old installation or phpMyAdmin. The only files you should need to copy over (if any) are the Theme files. Always install any plug-ins from the WP admin section on the site you’re editing.

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