Moving WordPress Subdirectory to the Root Directory



Ive been building a renovation of my ten year old falling apart website.

The main website is at

The rebuilt site is being made at

I’m not ready to ‘go live’ yet but I will be soon. And I am NERVOUS. My intent is to have the WordPress stuff become the main site and to have the current site simply go away. My biggest concern is not breaking all the links I have put into the WordPress site! My content is VERY VERY link heavy - and I have built a very intricate Links Library (with 30 libraries set up). This is the biggest concern I have - not wrecking my links. I’m still piling links in there even as we speak.

I would love a clear, simplistic explanation of what I will be doing to make the wordpress site become the main, only site at Anyone care to tackle this? Keep in mind that I am a content writer and not really a programmer or super-adept at all the stuff that makes a site ‘go’. I just want it to ‘go’!

Thanks in advance,
Lori Holuta


It’s pretty easy from a cursory glance at your wordpress site. You basically create an .htaccess file which will essentially hide the /wordpress part of your URL. So if I request, it will be redirected internally to Or you can move the index file to your root and change a few settings. Take a look at the options here:

Also, you may want to consider using pretty urls rather than the default p=xxx. It’s a simple setting in the WP admin page.


Thank you, Bobocat! This is a huge help, and gets me back into a comfort zone that what I want to do CAN be done.

I fiddled about with prettier urls, but found some conflicts existed with some of the WordPress plugins (Link Library being the biggest concern, it’s crucial to how I do things). So, I decided to stay with the basics - I may add more plugins in the future, and my thinking is that will be one less thing to fret about breaking. Yes, I fret easily. :slight_smile:

I appreciate you indulging me with reassurances. Sometimes, that’s all that’s needed to keep one moving forward!