Moving WordPress site from dreamhosters to domain

I’ve been reading threads and Googling for a day and a half, and haven’t found anything that explains the issue I’m currently having.

I built a WordPress theme and site locally, pushed it to a dreamhosters domain for testing/approval (, now I want to move it to our actual domain (

I found several places that said to just use an FTP client, and rename the folders. So that’s what I did.

But just redirected to So I deleted the dreamhosters domain…so now it redirects, and says “Site Not Found.”

So I deleted, and re-set it up (just in case something hinky was going on!), still no luck.

I went back into GoDaddy, and checked all the DNS records, they’re all correct…and I put them all in yesterday morning, so I can’t imagine it’s taking this long to propagate.

I’m really just not understanding how/why my domain name is redirecting to the dreamhosters domain, when I deleted the dreamhosters domain AND database.

EDIT: I’m a designer, and haven’t ever actually done this before, so feel free to explain in the most simplistic terms!

When you added the domain, it needed to be fully hosted under the same user for your dreamhosters domain. Then you can just delete the folder initially created and rename your dreamhosters folder to the proper domain name. You have to be sure to update the wordpress address and the site address first before you do anything though. If you don’t, you won’t be able to access your admin area and would have to update the information in the mysql database manually.