Moving Wordpress site between domains under same user

Hi guys.
I really need your help.

I have this wordpress site but at the last minute the client decided to have a new domain so I need to get all the work in Now, what can I do?

I’ve searched around the forum but none of the solutions worked. See, I’m not a programmer and for me, the best of the solutions pointed was to rename as and as but when I did that and tried to go to it seems that it had redirected to something under and did not worked. It gave that 404 error.

So, does someone knows a way of doing it?

Thank you very much in advanced. I’m really in need here.

Pedro Rebelo

did you update the site address inside WP admin? Look at the 3rd and 4th text fields on

I just cant get to that file. Every time I try to get to it redirect’s me to :

Can you understand this?

try switching the directory names back, and making the change in wp admin first, then apply the folder name changes again. i’m not a wp expert at all, i’m just attempting to lend a hand since no once else was answering.

Thank you very much. I’ll try to see if that way works…
That’s the spirit…

Maybe you solved this already, but if not, use the plugin “XCloner” for a full backup and restore it on the new domain.

If you have pages/posts that have URL’s in it use “Find and Replacer” (still works great with WP 3.13-3.14) and it will replace in all pages/posts which ever string you give it.