Moving wordpress from a subdirectory to a subdomain (both at dreamhost)



I own the domain hosted at Dreamhost. There are two Wordpress installations on it, one at the root and other in a subdirectory ( With time, ‘orbita’ became a huge site, with a content relatively different from the root site. So I decide to move the Wordpress at ‘orbita’ folder to a subdomain (not created yet).

I would like, if possible, a guide to do this. It is not necessary to be very thorough, because I have a reasonable understanding of this stuff.

I am asking the steps I have to do to accomplish this task inside Dreamhost admin panel - just to be sure that I will not forget anything important!

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I’ve moved small installations with the All-in-One WP Migration plugin.


I’d leave the files where they are, create a subdomain pointing to the /orbita directory and adjust the database by:

  • creating a dump file
  • open it with Notepad ++ or another text editor of your choice
  • replace all occurrences of ‘’ with ‘
  • import the modified db dump to your database, overwriting the old one
  • create a new db, import the dump there and adjust the settings in wp-config.php

That should be it. Just don’t forget to keep a backup of your files and database in case something goes wrong.
Also, depending on your plugins/customizations, maybe you have API keys or other stuff that needs to be changed with the new domain.


Hi Jrvcosta,

Do you still need help with this? If so, just let us know.

In the meantime here is some info on changing the URL of a WordPress site: