Moving to self host but can't create new login




I’m moving from a site to self-hosting at dreamhost. i installed to the site from dreamhost, and received an email directing me to create an admin user, but the link keeps bringing me to the old site. I cannot delete the old site, as I have the “domain upgrade”. How to I fully make the switch and create a new user/site?



If you are trying to set this up before making changes to your DNS then you need to create a mirror for the setup and testing phase.

If you have changed your DNS already then what you are waiting for is DNS propagation which usually takes about 12 to 24 hours but can take up to 3 days to reach all nameservers worldwide. This is true of any DNS change, and has nothing to do with or dreamhost, it’s just the way DNS is cached.


Also make sure you have everything you need from your account before you switch your domain, especially if you are using the WP Export/Import feature to bring your content and images over.

At, you can probably switch from using your custom domain back to the ‘’ - the sub-domain you were using before you upgraded. Then activate the domain at DH and move your content

Or, you could also use a temporary sub domain to do the initial conversion and then move WP to your domain after you move your content.