Moving wordpress AVADA from local computer to dreamhost

I am really having trouble with moving the website I have been creating on my computer to dreamhost. The wordpress theme is AVADA and it is from themeforest. I’m on a macbookpro. First I got on my wordpress config-sample and changed the text to include all the necessary changes. Then I’ve used filezilla to move my files. I still just see the basic wordpress theme. I’ve even tried to upload unchanged AVADA theme zip file (just what came from themeforest) using the wordpress appearace–install theme option. I get an error message. Can someone help me with this? Thank you so very much.

What’s your site? And what’s the error message you’re seeing? is the site…the message is “Internal Server Error”–this is when I try to add Avada through the theme install function on wordpress. I was trying to add the Avada theme after much frustration figuring it would be easier to recreate the site than to keep on working to get the site that is on my computer up on dreamhost. However, I would like to get the site that is already created onto dreamhost.

Wordpress has installed on but it is the basic wordpress not the site that I have created using Avada theme. The Avada theme is in wordpress 3.5.1-1 folder inside the wordpress folder. I only changed the word-config-php in the wordpress to direct it to msql but not in the 3.5.1-1 folder. Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

The easiest thing would be to move the theme from the 3.5.1-1 folder and put it in wp-content/themes on your main install. That 3.5.1-1 folder is the Bitnami stack for WP, which won’t work here.