Moving Website to Dreamhost

Hey team,

I hope you are doing great, I’m hosting my site on Bluehost, but facing slow load time issues and the speed insights show an initial response time issue.

I’m considering moving it from Bluehost to Dreamhost, is it going to impact my site’s marketing efforts in any way?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Kind regards…

There should be no adverse affect moving your site.

Keep it running on the old host while you set it up here. Use the temp URL to test everything. Then when you’re satisfied, change the DNS info to point your domain name to DH servers.


Thanks a lot for your input, I was really worried :slight_smile:

Even after you’ve changed the DNS info to point to DH servers (your new site location) leave up your site on the old host for about 72 hours to allow for all the ISPs to update their DNS cache.

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