Moving website from one account to another

Hi, currently my brother hosts my websites (also dreamhost), but I will be joining with dreamhost and want to host my own. How do I do this? I have a blog and also a few website, do I have to upload everything again?

Thanks in advance

Well if you payed with a promo… maybe you will get on troubles… as wrote on the blog

"More recently, people have been “taking advantage” of our new-customer-only promo codes by canceling their accounts after a year and deleting their domains from our system, then re-signing up again with a new credit card and another promo code and then re-adding their old domain. This results in a day or two of downtime for them, but I guess that’s worth it for some people.

Well, now we just log all domains that have been deleted from our system and don’t allow them to be re-added to a promo-coded account for at least a year. So, eat a big pile of that, loop-holers!"

So I think maybe you will need to contact support… yes I know that this is not your situation, but I think that the system may catch as the described.

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If you want to use the same domain to host your website, you may get into trouble as vicm3 mentioned. DH does not allow domain transfer between promotional accounts (account use a promo code).

If you don’t mind to register a new domain, you can

  1. backup your database
  2. download all the files
  3. re-setup database in new account via DH panel --> Goodies --> Manage MySQL
  4. upload files to new domain via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> WebFTP / FTP

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Beyond the issues that vicm2 and patrick mentioned, you will not have to reupload your files. Were your sites set up under a separate user on your brother’s account or were they all mixed in under the same user?

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