Moving web site from host 'xyz' to Dreamhost

I have a registered domain here at Dreamhost. I also have tried to build a website using Drean Host’s site building software, to no success, as I am a bit of an illiterate at FTP, etc stuff. I found very easy software at and built a web site but I would like to transfer it to my site here. Anyone with a SIMPLE walk through to do this? Remember…I’m a photographer,not an internet guru.

Native American Jewelry

I’m pretty sure it’s nothing you can/should do. A hosted site like that tends to rely on copyrighted templates. In other words, I doubt ifp3 will let you copy their site-building software.

I’ve seen WordPress templates designed for photographers for free or pretty inexpensive.

For a more heavy-duty photo site, you can try the One-Click version of Gallery available here.