Moving web site between hosting accounts

I have 2 hosting accounts with DreamHost, and want to move hosting of one web site from one account to the other. Is this as simple as telling the other account to host the site? Will the web site change physical server location? Will the email just come along? Never done this before, so I’d like to know what is involved. The 2 accounts are on different servers.

I just did this for a friend recently so may be able to help.

Account you are transferring domain to has to be a fully paid for type, not one obtained via discount coupon or one where DH has paid someone a referral fee. If in doubt check with DH.

You will need to delete the domain from old account and then add the domain at new account and set up the website. You will lose all emails at old account and there is a brief period while you are setting up email accounts when mail will bounce. Good idea would be to start with a ‘’ which will collect all emails while you are setting up the other accounts.

Check the following:


Thank you! Yikes. This is worse than I thought, but looks doable.