Moving + Upgrading a Wordpress Install

Hi forum,

I in the process of transferring my websites to my new hosting account with Dreamhost. I have a couple of questions to do with moving my Wordpress blog to my new account.

  1. Can I move my Wordpress 1.5.2 installation to the Wordpress 2.0.x ‘1 click’ installation provided by Dreamhost without breaking anything? Or should I just transfer the files and database from my old host and maintain my own Wordpress install?

  2. Is there any way I can test my site before I change the nameservers for my domain to etc?



As for moving your existing WordPress into the “one-click” system, the only way I can see doing that is to just use the “one-click” installer to create a new WordPress installation, and then import the data that you export from your existing database into the new installation. This would allow you to use the “one-click” in the future or upgrades, if you wanted. There may well be other ways to accomplish this, but as we can’t see the code for the “one-click” installer, we would be only guessing as to how it manages it’s own installations.

As for testing a site before DNS changes, you will find lot’s of information on how to do that in the Dreamhost Wiki article “DNS - viewing a site before DNS change”.


Wordpress 2.1 is out, so I’d hold off on the 1-click until they update it. Or you could just manually install it using WP’s installation or upgrade instructions.

I think something changed with the database since the 1.x versions, but I don’t remember if it was structural or if there were field name changes.

If something goes screwy, I’d run /wp-admin/upgrade.php and see if that fixes it.

Personally, I’d go ahead and upgrade your current installation, then go from there.

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Thank you both very much, that answers both my questions.

I will upgrade the Wordpress install on my old host, then transfer it once the 1-click install is at 2.1.