Moving top level domain to subdomain


We’re currently planning to move our top level domain to a subdomain and a VPS subdomain to our top-level address.

The spice on this is we have numerous DNS records setup for the current topdomain and would like to keep these intact

So the question I have is do I:

  1. Create another, fully hosted, linked to / on the FTP
  2. Change the DNS A record of to the VPS address

And call it a day, or do I do something different?

I suppose what I am also asking is can a fully hosted domain share a directory structure with without breaking DH (hah)?




One of the reasons that you probably haven’t gotten any replies is because your post is very hard to understand.

You need to be more specific about what you are trying to accomplish and whether the “user” for the domains is the same or different. You mention VPS at one point which implies the others are on shared? Or is it all on the same VPS?

In any case, using specific domains and sub-domains is fine in the forum, and you will probably get better answers explaining it that way than trying to do what’s above and overly generic.