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As the contact form on does not seem to work, I’ll try my luck here:

Concerning the movement of multiple domains to dreamhost, I’ve got several questions:

  1. Is dreamhost able to handle .de-Domains or do they have to be registered elsewhere?
  2. Can multiple domains be transferred all at once or do I have to move them one by one?
  3. Is it possible to import the different mailboxes from the old provider?
  4. If a server package misses, is it possible to get it installed?

Many thanks in advance!


Strange that the form didn’t work… I wonder what happened. Thanks for reaching out on the forums though.

Yes, you can register .de domains with DreamHost.

I’m not sure what you mean transfer domains all at once. Once you start the transfer of your domain names you’ll see the incoming requests to transfer in your DreamHost panel. More details on

You sure can do that, but you’ll have to do it on your own: DreamHost doesn’t provide an automatic tool for mailbox migration.

It depends on where you want that package to be installed, and what the package is. On shared hosting and on VPS users don’t have root privileges so only packages that can be relocated to user’s home directory and don’t require root are possible. On DreamCompute cloud servers you can install anything you want.

Hope this helps.

Hi smaffulli,

many thanks for your reply. For your information: I tested the contact form on Chrome and Firefox.

So I think I’ll have a look now at the shared hosting!

While that was once true, is it now not true? Referring to the current Dreamhost AUP. (Personal Backup’s section)

I interpreted the question as transferring the mail addresses and recent messages, not necessarily to transfer 25+ years of historic emails.

The policy is intended to prevent storage abuse, but I believe one should be allowed to keep reasonable amount of history in their inbox.

Thanks. Perhaps I was reading too much into this sentence:

Which seems to me to in black and white that you can’t import anything as email. It’s good to have clarification. You say it’s ok to import “recent” messages…Can you clarify what “recent” means? A day? A week? A Month? A year?

I can’t really put a precise limit because afaik those are not set in stone and they’re likely to change. What I feel comfortable saying is that if you need to have a set amount of retained history in your inbox in order for your email system to be useful to you, then go ahead and use that.

Keep in mind that the issue is not the time limit but the size of the archive. If you’re using email with no attachments, you can probably keep 3 years of historic messages and nobody would notice. If you share massive files via email, one week could already be a problem.

Dreamhost has gone far recently with cleaning up transparency issues. The reason of course that I’m making an issue here is because this is a transparency issue. Apparently as you are aware from another thread, if you violate this there is a bot that sends a resolve this issue in 48 hours or your email account will be deleted. I’m just trying to prevent a new customer from falling into that trap on their first days as a customer.

Thanks @lakerat for pushing transparency. We can continue the conversation on this other thread

/me closes this one as the original question has been answered