Moving to dreamhost

I have a large database, anyone knows a good way on how to restore it?

If you are using MySQL and have a sql script resulted from mysqldump, then upload your script to your server via ftp/sftp. Then via ssh you can execute this command :

mysql -u userame -p database < dump_file

Hope it helps.

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Here’s a whole page on the subject:

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That Wiki page should help you quite a lot. In fact, it’s relatively easy.

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Thanks for the help!!
Guys, if for some reason i can’t do it on my own, is anyone willing to give me a helping hand?

Try to keep posting in the forum first. If there’s a slow help, try #dreamhost IRC channel at freenode server.


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You can send a private message to me if you really need help.

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That’s good advice. It’s a classic help desk situation that allows us to team-solve problems and respond more quickly if someone gets busy or goes on vacation. :slight_smile: We even get to see the whole support log in the forum thread!

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Thanks guys!
I made the decision and moved. Now, how do i start moving the files? I didn’t changed my DNS on the domains because i only want to do it after everything is moved.

Maybe you might start by doing these steps :

  1. Create a user for your domain through your web panel. If you need to know type of users see it here.
  2. As you may want to restore your database using mysql command line, make sure your “Type of User Account” is “Shell”.
  3. Add new domain/subdomain from the panel with “FTP user / CGI-runs-as user” point to your new user created in step 2.
  4. If you leave all the default setting, you usually have “/home/username/yourdomain” folder as your document root.
  5. Use ftp client to connect to your server, upload all your web files and of course your mysql backup file.
  6. Use ssh client to connect to your server and then restore your mysql. If you do not upload your mysql script (step 5) then try piping mysql as described in wiki.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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found it!

( - that was what i was looking for)

Ok, i’m trying to restore a database. I uploaded the backup under the /home/myuser/mydomain directory. I also created the database in which the backup will go, and installed WinSCP on my PC. Can anyone guide me step by step on what to do next? I didn’t figure it out yet from the previous replies

Thanks! :smiley:

  1. Log in to the shell through SSH. Like almost everyone else in the universe, I use PuTTY.
  2. cd to the directory where you put the backup file.
  3. Like the wiki article says: issue the following command, substituting for <>, , , and <outfile.sql>:
    mysql -h <> -u -p < <outfile.sql>

<> = the hostname of your sql server
= your dbadmin username
= your dbadmin password
= the name of your new database
<outfile.sql> = the name of the backup file you just transferred

Let us know if you have any trouble!

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Hello guys

My problem is a bit same

I moved and made DNS changes, everything seems ok but, The site sometimes opens with the old server and that drives me crazy. I moved it today and I want to ask if it normal for a few days ?

That’s not uncommon for a bit - although once a system resolves the right system it should continue to resolve correctly. But moving between locations may result in different behavior.

Next time you have a question that really is unrelated to the original posting, please make a new post.

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Usually it takes a couple of days. So it is normal.

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