Moving Subversion between domains

Hi. I’m new to DreamHost and was wondering how hard it is to move a subversion repository between domains, or to a different directory in the same domain.

Is it as simple as copying the repository files? Can it still be managed through the web panel if I do that?


Well if you use the webpanel I had no idea… if you use the CLI
you can do, via svnadmin dump and load

svnadmin help dump
dump: usage: svnadmin dump REPOS_PATH [-r LOWER[:UPPER]] [–incremental]

Dump the contents of filesystem to stdout in a 'dumpfile’
portable format, sending feedback to stderr. Dump revisions
LOWER rev through UPPER rev. If no revisions are given, dump all
revision trees. If only LOWER is given, dump that one revision tree.
If --incremental is passed, then the first revision dumped will be
a diff against the previous revision, instead of the usual fulltext.

Valid options:
-r [–revision] arg : specify revision number ARG (or X:Y range)
–incremental : dump incrementally
–deltas : use deltas in dump output
-q [–quiet] : no progress (only errors) to stderr

svnadmin help load
load: usage: svnadmin load REPOS_PATH

Read a ‘dumpfile’-formatted stream from stdin, committing
new revisions into the repository’s filesystem. If the repository
was previously empty, its UUID will, by default, be changed to the
one specified in the stream. Progress feedback is sent to stdout.

Valid options:
-q [–quiet] : no progress (only errors) to stderr
–ignore-uuid : ignore any repos UUID found in the stream
–force-uuid : set repos UUID to that found in stream, if any
–use-pre-commit-hook : call pre-commit hook before committing revisions
–use-post-commit-hook : call post-commit hook after committing revisions
–parent-dir arg : load at specified directory in repository

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