Moving subdomain to main domain

Hello. I have built a new WP site using a subdomain of the main site Bot the subdomain and the are on the same user in Dreamhost.

The site on the is not wordpress.

Am trying to find steps to move the WP into the mainsite. have been on chat with two technicians, but they both got me messed up. Have restored both sites now and ready to start over.

I understand changing the WP URL in the Settings, but then what? Dont want to lose them both again.

Thanks for any help.

Step 1 - change the URL’s in the wordpress dashboard. When saved that will temporarily break your site.

Step 2 - Using FTP rename:
a) to TEMP
B) to
c) TEMP to

Your site will work again now.

Step 3 - The database will have all links referenced to still, so you will need to search and replace those. (Some use phpMyAdmin others use a plugin for this step. )

I’m not finding the files in Step 2. Using WinSCP to FTP. Are they hidden or am I not looking in the right place?


They’re not hidden. They’re named after your URL. For example, if DreamHost was self-hosted on a shared plan, they would FTP in to their home directory. In there would be a directory called for their main site, and for this forum. You should also see a “logs” and a mail directory.

Thanks for the quick response. I really appreciate the help.

I was looking for files, not directories. I fear I’m not quick on the up-take. Obvious now.

However, I’m wondering if I can just copy just the WordPress items to the main directory? I’ve been using the site for a year with old HTML files, some of which I auto-generate/update for my weather station. I have other pages stored there that I don’t want/need to convert to WP.

Would it be easiest to copy the directories and files from the main domain that I wish to continue to sue to the subdomain, before following the above instructions?


Sure, you can just copy what you need. I suggest you back everything up beforehand just in case something breaks.