Moving site to other domain


Currently im using 2 domains. One from DH and another plain normal.
Im building one new page using my free DH domain. But when it is finished, i would like the other domain points to that location or that i somehow move newly build page to other domain. Can i do that?

It is joomla installation with one mysql database. New page is being build anew and it will take some more days to finish. This is why i didn’t star building on original domain which holds current website.

thank you for your answers and all well to you

I’m not sure what you mean by “plain normal” for the other domain… is it hosted somewhere else than Dreamhost? If so, and if you own the domain, you can move its hosting to Dreamhost by setting its DNS servers to Dreamhost’s ones, and add the domain to your Dreamhost account (which can host unlimited domains). Then you can set this domain up either to point at the same directory as the other one, or to be separately fully hosted (and then copy the files into its directory). Either way, you’ll accomplish having the site come up in that domain.

If the other domain was only intended for temporary use in setting up the site, there really wasn’t any need to register a totally separate domain for it; you could have used a Dreamhost subdomain for free.

– Dan