Moving site to DH

I just like to confirm if the following steps are right.

I have a website at another host. The domain name is also on a different provider. I want to move the site over to DH but keep the domain name at the current registrar (not move to DH yet).

So in the Control Panel, I go to Domain>Manage Domains and add the domain name in the Fully Hosted section right? (eg

Then I have to go to my registrar and change the name servers to point to DH?

To upload the files in the DH account, I have to connect to whatever server I am on.

I think that is correct. Is it?


Sounds about right.

The support wiki has a good page on this subject. Just skip the step for transferring the registration!

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You can refer to the article Lensman suggested. It is helpful.

If I am not wrong, DH is not able to add domaina directly if the domain name is registered somewhere else.

You have to change the DNS and point to DH first. You may need to wait a while for the propagating to be fnished and then add domain in DH panel.

After you’ve done this, you are able to upload files to DH server.

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I hate to contradict someone directly, but I know for certain that you can add domain or subdomain to your panel and begin development without changing DNS in any way. In fact, don’t need to ever change the nameservers if you just want point the A record to your dreamhost server.

There are several threads on this board that describe adding hosting for a domain or subdomain first, and then changing the DNS later. This is, in fact, a key to minimizing the downtime for your domain.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure the OP didn’t get any wrong information.

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