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I have had a free professional account with 1and1 for the past 3 years that is now expiring. They are offering discounts on other plans, but they are requireing that I resetup my sites and will delete everything off this account. Therefore I am looking for new hosting and have settled on DH. I have a few questions before I start the process.

I have 3 domains currently, and was wondering if I needed to move the domains over to DH as well as the files for the site. All the domains have various email accounts that need setup also. How hard is it to get this transferred over, and in the case of the domains, how much does it cost to move those over, if I should.



I have two domains that I did not register through DreamHost. What I did was that I did a Redelegation where I simply delegated the domain to point towards DreamHosts DNS. When I do a whois on my domain names, all three of DreamHosts DNS servers is visible under It didn’t cost me a single cent but I can set upp email, subdomains, MySQL hosts and everything else through DreamHosts’s control panel. All I had to do was to add the domains in the control panel.

Depending on what the top level domain is (eg .com, .org, .se) it may cost some money to do a redelegation, but it will not be DreamHost that will charge you for it.

You don’t need to transfer the domain registrations, simply configuring the DNS to the DreamHost DNS servers will suffice.

Unfortunately, there is no way to automate this process, the email addresses will need to be manually configured using the DreamHost admin panel. If you have a lot of email accounts to configure, this could be a rather long process.

When you transfer a domain registration to DreamHost, you will need to extend it by 12 months, which will cost $9.95 per domain.


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Except the first one, which is free/included.

I forgot about the ‘free’ one, thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

It is also worth noting that the free domain registration remains free for as long as you continue to host with DreamHost.


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You will have to manually create your email accounts and upload your content, but once you are here, believe me you will like it. I’ve heard many bad things about 1and1. You will be better with DreamHost, after this initial work.
In the last 7 years I’ve had many hosters, but I hope to keep this one for a long, long time.

I renew annually with DreamHost. I no longer do that with any other hosters. It’s the best recommendation I can give…

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