Moving site from one plan to another

I have sites A, B, and C under one Crazy Insane Domain (1) plan, with site D under it as well with the optional booster pack.

I just signed up for another Crazy Insane Domain (2) because I wanted to keep site E separate from the rest. I realize now I would like site D on the same CID plan as site E … therefore …

CID1 = A, B, C
CID2 = D, E

In this way, I keep the two related sites together and also can cancel my booster pack.

If I just set up the files from D onto CID2 server, how will the DNS at Dreamhost know to direct visitors to the second CID and not the first?

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OK, I get that this is something I’d like DH to consider making easier, but for the time being, do I then just send an email in and have you guys repoint your DNS resolving to point to (2)D and not 1(D)? Or could I do the following …

Move sites A, B, C to CID(2) since it doesn’t matter of those go offline for 24 hours or so, and move E (new, again, it can offline a bit) over to CID(1) with D. But then how do I move D out of the booster pack and into regular CID(1) with no downtime for DNS propogation?

Darn it, I think I’m asnwering my own questions. I can use the Web domain control panel to move the sites around. Except the booster pack thing I guess. I’ll work on that later.

Nope. Seems like doing this … doesn’t change the package the site is being billed under but does server up the pages correctly. In other words, I’ve now moved site D into the CID2 user using the above method and added a test page to the new directory of D in CID2. Now when you type you see the page meaning it’s resolving itself in CID2 … but how do I remove the domain from CID1 and put it into CID2 billing without???

In summary, I want to take a domain from one CID plan and move it to another CID plan under the same account.

Surely you don’t have to delete the domain from one server and then add it to another? But if you did, it shouldn’t affect anyone seeing the site unless their ISP caches the DNS record and has an IP address associated with it. If anyone’s IP simply has NS1.DREAMHOST etc as the DNS then if I delete and re-add a domain that should update Dreamhost’s DNS resolving table, right???