Moving site from one dhost to another dhost account


Hi - Curious if there is an easy way to move one website from my account to another persons account. If not, I’m wondering about the process of setting up the site manually. I assume I would have to totally kill the site on my account before attempting to put it on the new account.

any help would be appreciated:)


Support will have to facilitate this, and only if the destination is not currently under a Promo code.


cool, thanks for the heads up!


to do it manually, couldn’t you add both users to a unix group, create a link between accounts, then copy everything over?


That would work for the files, but not the domain registration. the domain can not transferred if the new account is under a promo code, as noted above. Any MySQL databases would also need to be backed up at the old account, and restored on the new account. I’d use PhpMyAdmin to do that. But, support may be able to do that for you.


Odds are that the second account isn’t on the same server. It’d be much easier to rsync files over. Again, the catch is the actual domain hosting, which Support needs to enable. It’s possible that Support will even migrate the data.