Moving site from iWeb


First time poster so forgive my general web site building ignorance. I did check some other threads. Couldn’t find quite what I needed so here goes.

I helped some young friends of mine set up a web site for their charity in 2012 using iWeb (version 3.0.4 - 2007-2011). Since iWeb has been discontinued and my friends have grown up, I’d like to find a simple program that will allow me to refresh the site and allow them to update the site themselves. I use a Mac as do they.

I have a domain for the charity already hosted by Dreamhost ( - Fully Hosted with PHP 5.3 with an email account) and am using a Dreamhost FTP server.

I’m happy to use a program with templates and I only need a few pages, mostly for text, photos and video. I guess I’d also like to have a Facebook widget to connect to our Facebook page.

Is Dreampress the answer? It looks a bit daunting, expensive and maybe more functionality than my simple needs require. Is Squarespace a better fit?

Any guidance gratefully appreciated.

I don’t know that you need the extra expense of dreampress, however you could use Wordpress on the shared account that you already have.

Hi LakeRat,

Sorry to be so thick but I didn’t realize I have a shared account. Is it a Wordpress account shared with Dreamhost I’ve forgotten about? It would be just like me.

Anyway, I checked out the Wordpress site and it requires as part of the domain name. I was hoping to avoid any changes to the URL. However I haven’t fully investigated the site so I’ll wait before I ask any more questions.

Thanks for the help.

wait my mistake, I misread part of your post. (for the record, I’m not a dreamhost employee either)

I think you would be fine with a dreamhost shared hosting account. From there you can do a one click install of wordpress, find a theme and get started customizing. That gives you a place to start for what I’m guessing is a relatively low traffic site. If you do need to upgrade to dreampress or a VPS later on, that process is made to be painless (and it normally is, but like anything there can be hiccups).

Just don’t go too crazy adding plugins, you can overdo it… especially on shared hosting.

You’re right, it’ll be a very low traffic site. I’ll give it a shot and let you know how it goes. Don’t expect to need a lot of plug-ins. Thanks again!