Moving site content to dreamhost, to replace current site


A bit over my head here, mostly worried to not break something. I have developed a wordpress site on a different host, as opposed to using a localhost install.

The site is now ready to be made live, replacing the one that is hosted on dreamhost. I am attempting to simply “update” the current site, replacing the old one, without changing the hosting or url, just the content.

I’ve tried going through the wiki, but still have concerns. Mainly, Do I need to re-install wordpress? How(if needed) do I take the current site offline? How would I set up a wordpress install?

I have gone through over 2 dozen tuts/vids on how to migrate a site, but most of them do not seem to mention what to do with the old site, and do not seem to go through the steps with a fine tooth comb, leaving me to worry.

Could someone help?

I think WordPress has a built in feature to administer a site I.e. take offline.
I would create a subfolder for your new site upload it and ensure it works.

If you aren’t wishing to keep the old site… you can just delete it. Or move it to a subfolder temporarily. Or remap your DNS.