Moving/resetting wordpress

I have an ‘easy’ installation of Wordpress on (, but I really want it on When I try to do a new install, either easy or advanced (I’ve used Wordpress elsewhere using just FTP and phpmyadmin) it tells me already has a website.

Does this mean I need to delete ‘’ in the DNS tools, and then install WP again? If I just add WP via FTP, will this do the trick too?

Basically I’m afraid of messing things up/losing the domain(!) if I get something wrong.

You should be able to remove it from Goodies:

[color=#00CC00]Panel > Goodies > One-Click Installs[/color]

  • Upgrade or remove previously installed software

  • Delete Files

I’d suggest reinstalling with an Advanced One-Click install.

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Advanced One-Clicks usually complain if your directory isn’t empty before it tries the install. Make sure there’s nothing in there.

An Easy install won’t install in any (sub)domain that’s already set up in your Manage Domains section.


Thanks guys. The delete & replace seems to have worked.

Much appreciated.