Moving old site to a new subdomain

I have an old DreamHost Wordpress site that I decided to let the domain registration laps on. The files are still on the server. Is there an easy way to move that old site to a new subdomain also hosted with DreamHost?


Can you still FTP to your site directory? If so, then you can rename that directory to your new domain like this:

  1. Create a new Fully Hosted Domain in Manage domains owned by the same user as your old domain. This will create a new folder in that directory
  2. Rename the new directory to example.sav and rename your old to the new domain name.
  3. You’ll need to create a new database host name in MySQL Databases that uses your new domain name.
  4. Change your WordPress wp-config.php file to use the new database host name
  5. Log into wp-admin and go to the General Settings to update your domain path.